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For Columbia Residents – How the CPRA Fee is Calculated

If you’ve lived or shopped for a home in Columbia, you are probably familiar with the CPRA (Columbia Parks and Recreation Association) or CA (Columbia Association).  When the planned city of Columbia was being assembled, the parcels of land purchased or controlled by the Rouse Company (creators of Columbia) were attached with liens, essentially a yearly fee, now called the CA fee or annual charge.

Many people have asked how the fee is calculated.  Here is a video that explains several components of the fee.

If you’ve heard of “outparcels,” those are parcels of land that were not purchased or controlled by the Rouse Company, and therefore do not have the CA Annual Fee.  They are in the city of Columbia, but are not in the CA/CPRA regime.

We hope this helps explain this lingo that is very Columbia!


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