Mortgage Debt Down, Other Types of Debt Up, Fed Study Finds

An article by Michael Neal published on the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) website, reveals that overall consumer debt fell in the second quarter of this year, but only due to decreased mortgage and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) balances. Other forms of consumer debt, including auto loans, student loans, and other credit […]

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2012 – Best Annual Improvement in Home Prices Since The Bubble Popped

The residential property analytics company CoreLogic® just released their December numbers.

The big news item – nationwide home prices increased by an impressive 8.3 percent from December 2011 to December 2012.

This is important, because it’s the largest year to year increase since May 2006, as well as the TENTH consecutive monthly increase in national […]

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Owners Title Insurance – Not All Policies are the Same

Owners Title Insurance is something most people think about only a few times during their lives.

It is purchased when they buy real estate, then it is mostly forgotten unless there is a problem and a claim needs to be filed. Owners title insurance requires a one-time premium and it stays in effect as long […]

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Why, Oh Why, Do They Buy?

According to the NAR 2012 Survey of Home Buyers and Sellers, here are the top reasons why buyers purchase a home:

Desire to own a home of my own 30% Desire for larger home 11% Job-related relocation or move 9% Change in family situation 8% Affordability of homes 7% Desire to be closer to family/friends/relatives […]

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Gazing into 2013’s Real Estate Crystal Ball

‘Tis the season for prognostication about the 2013 real estate market. We track home sale and pricing numbers closely, from national numbers to regional, state, county, and neighborhoods. We also read what the various industry experts have to say about trends in real estate.

The funny thing is – everyone is pretty much saying the […]

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Yes, You CAN Afford It

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has a measure called the “Housing Affordability Index,” a gauge for how well the median family’s income can afford a median priced home.

There are a few key assumptions made by the index, such as assuming a 20% down payment, and that 25 percent of the household’s gross income […]

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